MIVA® Accessories

VIKON aims to be a complete supplier and provider of accessories necessary to get the best out of our products. Below you find some of the accessories belonging to the MIVA® product series. For additional peripherals, see respective product page.

  Article number Description
VIKON 1321 vibration transducer, vertical direction.
Cable 720F, 0.2 m. See below for more information
VIKON 1322 vibration transducer, horizontal direction
Cable 720F, 0.2 m. See below for more information
122021PB01 Optical RPM sensor, cable 720M, 0.2 m
140B11PB02 Standard cable 720M-720F
Length 5, 10 or 15 meter
140B12PB01 Adapter cable 723M-720F, 0.2 m
140B12PB02 Adapter cable 723F-720M, 0.2 m
140B12PB03 Adapter cable IFRM 12 - 720M, 0.2 m
55-801-05 Shielded, twisted pair cable with jacket in black PVC
Diameter 5 mm, temperature -20 to +80°C

VIKON 1320 Series Vibration Velocity Transducers

VIKON 1320 Series Vibration Velocity Transducers in an electrodynamic type transducer designed for measuring vibration velocity in industrial environments. The transducers can be used on most types of machines and are fitted with a protruding M8 stud. No external power supply is required..

Product number Product name Direction of measurement
121B00PB04 VIKON 1321 Vertical
121B00PB05 VIKON 1322 Horizontal

The transducer element is enclosed in rugged stainless steel housing. A 20 cm cable with female connector is integrated in the transducer assembly and sealed with a standard cable gland. A cable with twisted pair of conductors and a thinned copper braid screen is recommended for connection to MIVA. Extension cables with mating connector and open end is available from VIKON in standard lengths 5, 10 or 15 m.

The maximum tilt angle when installing the transducer is ±3 degrees. Errors may occur in the measured signal if the sensor is not aligned within limits.


Sensitivity 29 mV/mm/s, 737 mV/inch/s
Frequency range 4,5 - 2000 Hz
Accuracy ±5%
Temperature range -40 to +100° C
Sealing IP 67
Maximum load 50 kOhm
Enclosure Stainless steel
Cable gland Nickel plated brass
Maximum tilt angle 3° från working direction (horizontal or vertical)
Diameter 36 mm
Height 75 mm
Weight 300 gram
Mounting M8 stud
Cable length 20 cm
Connectors Binder 720-99-0106-09-03 (female),
Binder 720-99-0105-09-03 (male)