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Cargill, the Food Group, introduces MIVA Master online monitoring in the USA


Cargill, which has long been using MIVA Master in Europe is moving forward and is now making its first installation at the production plant in Gainesville Georgia. It produces dressings, sauces and oils, and the installation is on two Alfa Laval direct drive separators of type PX115E. System alarms is connected to the plant control system so that the operators in the control room will be immediately alerted about the machine status changes.

The system will be installed and commissioned in September. The delivery also includes remote monitoring with regular status reports from VIKON.


2014-09 22


The food - and beverage company Lion in Australia include online monitoring as part of an outsourced service.

The choice has fallen on VIKONs system MIVA Master system which offers a very user friendly interface and remote monitoring.

The plant is located in Chelsea Hights and there are two mission critical Alfa Laval separators, type PX518 & PX718 which will be remotely monitored by the service provider. It is imperative that no unplanned downtime occurs during the busy summer period,

In addition to increased availability is an ambition to shift from time based to CBM (Condition Based Maintenance) to lower parts and maintenance costs. Lion sees great potential to improve the efficiency of their maintenance through MIVA Master since a system can handle up to 255 machines, include process parameters in the automated fault detection and also perform balancing.




Fewer unplanned stops and higher availability is behind LD & D's, leading dairy producer in Australia, decision to install VIKONs MIVA Master

The plant in Morewell that processes everything from milk to butter and cheese aims to increase production by raising an already high availability through condition monitoring of rotating machinery.

As a first step, LD & D chosen to monitor a milk separator of type C40 from Alfa Laval. The machine is mission critical as it is running 24/7 during the peak season and an unplanned stop will cause significant production losses.

The system distinguishes itself as time-saving and does not require expertise in vibration analysis since it has automatic fault detection and the machine status is displayed in clear text. Another benefit is that data collected by VIKON´s portable data collector MIVA 5100 can be downloaded to and analysed by the MIVA Master software.

The system was delivered in June and will be commissioned during September.





MIVA Master online chosen by New Zealands largest diary for optimization of reliability

The diary company Fonterra at New Zealand is one of the world largest producer of diary products. During high season, the uptime demand for mission critical equipment is very high, including homogenizers and separators, which then runs 24 /7.

The solution to optimize the availability and extend service intervals without risking unplanned downtime or breakdowns is spelled online condition monitoring with CBM (condition based maintenance ).

VIKON deliver and commission a first installation at the end user on four homogenizers (atomizes milk under high pressure) and one separator for remote monitoring by MIVA Master.

The service vendor monitors machine status from their service center and complements this with VIKONs expertise that sends regular reports with trending and recommendations for action.

Installation, commissioning and training takes place in the spring and the start of operations is scheduled to May.



Customer cases now available on the homepage

A number of interesting customer cases are available in printer-friendly PDF format. Among the cases are eg how a customer prolonged service intervals by 800% and how the evaluation of machine condition by vibration analysis can be even more accurate by including process values. Link to Customers/Customer cases, click here.

Published 2014-01-27


Underhållsmässan March 11-14 2014


VIKON is participating in this year's largest exhibition for the maintenance industry in the Nordic region - Underhåll 2014 in Gothenburg. Please visit us at stand B07:40

Tickets for the fair, you can order directly Here!

Published 2014-01-27

Increased reliability of coal crusher gearboxes in Colombia by remote condition monitoring 

 A.G.P. Representaciones Ltda in Colombia are specialized in the maintenance and servicing of large gearboxes and motors in mining and cement industry. To prevent further accidents, one of AGP´s customers have signed a maintenance agreement that includes online monitoring of two tandem driven Flender gearboxes on a coal crusher.

VIKON delivers the online system MIVA Master for remote condition monitoring with regular status reports. A.G.P. will also be able to follow the status in real-time by connecting to the VIKON server. The delivery also includes commissioning and user training. MIIVA Master ensures A.G.P.´s profitability of its maintenance and the customer receives the highest possible reliability.





Underhåll 2012 - maintenance fair 13 - 16 March

VIKON is participating in this year's largest exhibition for the maintenance industry in the Nordic region - Underhåll 2012 in Gothenburg. Please visit us at stand B08-42. New this year is the activity Problem Solver that takes place every morning. Every day, deals with a theme and VIKON participates on Wednesday 14 / 3 when the theme is Condition Monitoring.

Tickets for the fair, you can order directly here >>.

Would you like to already now book a meeting with VIKON at the fair, please click on this link >>.

Published 2012-01-10

VIKON is partner at Nordic Maintworld Congress 2012 14-15 March

The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg will be hosting the Nordic MaintWorld Congress 2012, focusing on current issues in Maintenance and Asset Management from both the business and technological points of view. 

Published 2012-01-10

Combined Condition Monitoring and Rotor Balancing to steel mill

VIKON has received an order for a combined solution for Condition Monitoring and Rotor Balancing based on; MIVA 5220PEMAC and CUMS. The customer uses the solution for an application for large fans.

Published 2012-01-04

Balancing Equipment to China

VIKON has received an order for a balancing solution based on MIVA 5100S and ROBAL from a global service organization that will use the solution in both their service shop and also be able to bring it in the field.

Published 2011-12-07

VIKON deliver an assignment to B&R

VIKON has delivered an assignment to B&R where VIKONs technology for capturing and using the vibration signal is implemented in B&Rs X20 automation solution. The result will be shown for the first time at the SPS IPC Drives fair in Nuremberg, November 2011

Published 2011-10-15

VIKON monitors motors in Mexico

VIKON has received an order for a solution based on MIVA 5220 and PEMAC for monitoring of large motors connected to compressors used in oil extraction in Mexico's largest oil field.

Published 2011-10-10

Equipment for Condition Monitoring to the U.S.

VIKON has received an order for a solution based on MIVA 5220 and PEMAC from a global manufacturer of food products that will use the solution for monitoring critical machinery in the production.

Published 2011-09-20