MIVA® 5100S Field instrument

MIVA® 5100S is a portable, battery driven instrument intended to be used for vibration measurements and balancing of rotating shafts.

The instrument can be connected to a PC via the USB port and  used with VIKON's software for vibration analysis (PEMAC®) and rotor balancing (ROBAL®).

MIVA 5100S has two vibration input channels and can synchronize the vibration measurements with two independent rotating shafts, which may have great advantages when balancing certain types of machines.

Several MIVA 5100S instruments can be interconnected via a common network cable when more than two simultaneous vibration channels are required. Up to 16 instruments (32 channels) can be connected to one USB port. Triggering signals required for balancing rotating shafts can be connected to one of the units, which is configured as the “Master”. All other units will the synchronize measurements with the Master. This has great advantages when balancing large machines since the analogue vibration signal cables can be kept short and measurements are still synchronized with the same shaft signals.

MIVA 5100S Field equipment is delivered in a robust casing with room for cable, transducers and other items.